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Title Streamline Organic Synthesis: Practical Catalysis
Type Short Course
Date June 12, 2012 - June 14, 2012
Location Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Sponsor Scientific Update
Keywords Organic Chemistry
Description Streamline Organic Synthesis: Practical Catalysis is a two-day course comprising lectures and problem sessions designed to illustrate how state-of-the-art catalytic methods can be applied to practical issues in small molecule synthesis. The content will focus on problems and targets relevant to pharmaceutical and agrochemical interests. An emphasis will be placed on practical solutions. Topics covered will include: Pd and Cu catalysed C-C and C-X bond forming processes; Rh catalysed conjugate additions; metathesis as a practical tool; catalysis in heterocycle modification and synthesis; emerging areas in catalysis.

Primary Contact
Name Karen Thurley
Organization  Scientific Update LLP
Address Maycroft Place
Stone Cross
Mayfield, TN20 6EW United Kingdom
Phone 0044 (0)1435 873062
Fax 0044 (0)1435 872734