Elementary & Middle School Science Education Resources


Students investigate properties of droplets.

Online Teaching Guide (6–8)

  • Lesson plans, classroom activities, and background science information!
  • Activity sheets and related reading!
  • Video demonstrations and molecular model animations!

Science Teaching Guide (3–6)

Inquiry in Action - A Guide to Scientific Inquiry

Inquiry in Action: Investigating Matter through Inquiry, 3rd edition

Teach students chemistry-related physical science and the process of scientific inquiry with this guided resource. The guide includes activity sheets, student readings, assessments, molecular model animations (online only), and background information for teachers.

Activity Books

The Best of WonderScience

The Best of WonderScience (3–6)
This compilation teaches fundamental science concepts through 600+ hands-on activities. Includes student activity sheets, science background information for teachers, and explanations of how activities support the National Science Education Standards.

Apples, Bubbles and Crystals

Apples, Bubbles, and Crystals (Preschool–2)
Science meets the ABCs in this activity book for beginner readers. Kids learn the alphabet while having fun discovering science through easy-to-follow hands-on activities.

Sunlight, Skyscrapers and Soda Pop

Sunlight, Skyscrapers, & Soda Pop (Preschool–2)
Follow brother-and-sister duo Sally and Sammy through kitchens, parks, and bathrooms as they discover that science is all around them. Activities feature illustrations and clear instructions.