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The Committee on Professional Training promotes excellence in post-secondary chemistry education and provides leadership to the ACS in the professional training of chemists.

ACS Guidelines Revision
CPT is developing the next revision of the Guidelines, which will be adopted in 2014. Over the coming months, a series of open meetings will focus on topics related to the revisions as we aim to be responsive to all issues of importance to the community. We welcome your comments and suggestions at


CPT Symposium - Evolution of the ACS Approval Process: Moving Beyond the 2008 Guidelines

White Paper: Proposed Changes to the ACS Guidelines

CPT approves change in requirement for access to Chemical Abstracts

Upcoming Events
  • CPT Open Meeting: CPT will hold an open meeting at the 246th ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis on Sunday, September 8, 2013, from noon to 1:30pm in the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown Hotel. Discussion will focus on the proposed changes to the guidelines for ACS approval. Lunch will be provided.

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International Involvement in Chemistry Education

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