Green Chemistry Educational Resources

ACS aims to increase awareness and understanding of Green Chemistry principles, alternatives, practices, and benefits within traditional educational institutions and among practicing scientists. The following resources were developed by the ACS Green Chemistry Institute® and the ACS Education Division.

Green Nanotechnology Challenges and Opportunities


Online Resources

Green Chemistry Pocket Guide

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More Educational Resources

Activities and Experiments (by grade level)

Resource Graduate Undergrad High School Elementary
Green Chemistry Test Bank     X  
Bleaching With Green Oxidation Chemistry X X X  
Tree Ornament Crossword Puzzle       X
Cleaning Up With Atom Economy   X X  
Determination of the Fundamental Electronic Charge
  X X  
Fuel Cells: Energy From Gases Instead of Gasoline
Gassing Up Without Air Pollution       X
Green Chemistry: A Greener Clean X X X  
Green Chemistry Interactive Displays     X X
Phytochemistry Activity     X