Committee on Technician Affairs


Encourage, through ACS governance channels and Society resources, the advancement of chemistry-based technicians in the chemical enterprise.

Mission Statement

CTA will encourage, through governance channels and Society resources, the advancement of technicians in the chemical enterprise, working to:

  • Increase the awareness of the important contributions that chemistry-based technicians make to the national economy and to society as a whole
  • Make technicians relevant to ACS
  • Make ACS relevant to technicians

Vision Statement

CTA is the:

  • Leader in the recognition of the chemical and process technician field as a profession
  • Partner with educators and educational institutions in ensuring a highly-qualified technician workforce for the future
  • Primary source for disseminating information about technicians, their careers within the scientific community and their contributions to science and society
  • Leader in promoting technical excellence and career development for technicians
  • Society's advocate for ACS membership for technicians, and the advocate for the Division of Chemical Technicians with the ACS and technicians in general